Creating Brand Platforms

Every company has the power to create brand value through its stories that goes beyond functional attributes. That may happen by way of institutional narratives or perhaps through a collection of stories about it's products, projects or services, which altogether compose an authentic and engaging brand perception about that brand's purpose.

Talquimy's perspective is that every communications challenge begins with a question to be solved. The answer often exists within a brand platform that encompasses a unique creative idea, coupled with experiences that tangibly deliver on that concept.

Brand Platform Development is a service that includes research, establishing tone and language, and a story that strikes the right balance between the intended message and the conversation the audience wants to have, as well as the appropriate set of channels and devices through which to engage.

As we work with clients on brand platforms, we draw from integrated, multi-media initiatives that generate unique experiences. These include audio-visual dynamics, as well as design, digital channels, podcasts, virtual or augmented reality, and relationship activations, among others.

Furthermore, aside from their chief objective of creating value, brand platforms must include measurable elements in addition to generating business intelligence, which enable clients to meaningfully connect with their stakeholders.

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