Business Intelligence (BI) Consulting

Communications is not merely a means of transferring information, but rather, an essential ingredient and strategic pre-requisite to building an organization's identity.

Our point-of-view is that effective communications consulting should drive a brand to build valuable relationships with its stakeholders.

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Our work with Allergan resulted in irreversible transformation, and was a winner at the 2018 Latin American Excellence Awards.

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Central to our process is to focus in on the specific challenge facing the brand, whether it's a larger institutional roadblock or a single particular issue.

We then analyze the data that are relevant the question that needs to be solved, which may come from a variety of sources from internet searches to monitoring mechanisms, or even customized research data.

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Talquimy then offers clients a diverse array of strategic or operational services from which insights can be converted into impactful communications, creating real value for the brand or business.

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