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Allergan Case


Increase awareness of the Juvederm brand and increase acceptance for esthetic procedures


Unleash female empowerment and autonomy through a narrative that highlights the many sides of daily life, including esthetic procedures.


Invest in a digital content and relationship platform, driven by real stories and information.


The program, which was first of its kind within the industry, increased the brand's profile, as well as its quality and experience, resulting in significant growth in sales.

Beyond Beauty - Allergan's new story

Juvederm wants women to know that autonomy and empowerment have everything to do with the way they live their lives and make decisions. That goes for beauty too - in concept and in practice. The Beyond Beauty platform created a space to discussion of various topics from work, to travel and culture, and esthetic treatments.

There are many myths out there about esthetic treatment options and erroneous information that need to be corrected so that the decision to purchase such procedures can be based solely on desires and appropriate medical advice.

Beyond Beauty brought these areas of discussion to the fore in the form of web series, digital and social media content, relationships with medical professionals and influencers, as well as media relations, and focus on real stories.

The program continues in play, always aiming to deepen the narrative and content. Moreover, the brand's responsibility to increase its consumer's knowledge about its products is always front and center.

More about execution:

In the three years since the program launched, a lot has happened:

> 6 web series
> Beyond Beauty Content Hub
> Facebook Lives
> Influencer Events
> Activations
> Media interviews and initiatives

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