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A Whimsical Reflection of Talquimy at three

Talquimy, my start-up communications marketing agency, is three-years-old this month.

The science of numerology says that “three” has a powerful need to express ideas and visions of the imagination, coupled with an extroverted personality. And we all grew up knowing that “the third time is a charm.”

In this short, challenging time to be a start-up and in Brazil, these powerful attributes of the number three have helped mold our young agency from our personality to our processes.

As I reflect on Talquimy and myself at three I reminisce that we are three friends that are partners, in our third office and that this is the third big phase of my career.

When we launched we wanted to offer global client service standards to Brazilian PR clients that were not global but wanted to work at that level, with executives that operated in the major international hubs. We did. And we did for regional and Fortune 500 companies as well.

Three of our campaigns have gone global and another has become a regional excellence benchmark.

At three, Talquimy expresses vision, imagination and personality that the market was thirsty for. And if third is a charm, I’ll take another three.

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