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Brand Personality through a B2B lens

Classifying a company as a B2B organization can have little meaning when the challenge is communications. At the end of the day what matters is having a story to tell to someone willing to listen – it’s that simple. If we look at it that way, corporate communications programs can draw new boundaries, when before they were restricted within “B2C.”

Some brands have seen value in that, taking their communications to another level. Want an example? Let’s look at MailChimp, an automated email marketing platform.

The award-winning campaign, “Did you mean mailchimp?,” was effective in transforming a “problem” into a fun way to send a message and reach their audience – marketing professionals across various companies. The campaign plays on the mistaken entry most clients make when typing the brand name in Google, typing instead things like “Mail Shrimp,” “Jail Blimp,” or “Kale Limp.”

Smart Kevlar

At Talquimy, we had the opportunity to create a different kind of campaign for DuPont Kevlar. The brand, which won a Sabre Award in 2018, embraced the idea of using an audio-visual series to reach its customers, who are manufacturers of safety and security protection products.

Smart Kevlar tells a story, though each episode, of a team of agents that need to recover a Blackbox, which safeguards confidential data. In this tale the agents count on the support of the Machine, a computer that tracks security solutions for those that work in the industry.

In its scanning process, the Machine introduces DuPont clients. In the first season, focused on Latin America, the project, developed by Talquimy, takes place in Mexico, Colombia and Brazil.

Smart Kevlar continues with new episodes currently in production, but the first part of the season is already available on and includes a webpage on each of DuPont’s clients, describing their products and what differentiates them.

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