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por: Ronald Mincheff

How to create a global communications hub from anywhere?

People First.

Modern brand communications demands flexibility; global projects are no different. In volatile economic environments, the main capability required to handle global communications programs is the ability to create dynamic “people – based” networks – and not finding yourself stuck as part of a globally aligned agency deal.

People that make the difference.

As an “agency man” throughout my career, it was always a barrier to work locally on projects for clients locked in global agreements. But in 2020, with digital and mobile as driving forces, that business model is inefficient and impracticable. Campaigns need be more customized than ever and changes during execution are common and frequent. That’s why the operation needs to be based more on people who bring specific capabilities and more elastic skill sets – allocating resources according to project intensity.     

Talquimy’s recent experiences with Brazilian-led regional and global projects have once again proven that the best people doing the work is the secret sauce. On one hand, foreign exchange gains in Brazil have made the country an interesting destination to consolidate global communications projects, but on the other hand agencies need to develop capabilities to create a powerful combination of differentiated thinking, creativity and agility, with right-sized budgeting and fees that are spent in the markets where the work is actually done. 

Today, direct from Berlin, I can say that Talquimy understands and delivers on the blend of skills, tactics and tools needed. News coming soon.

(Photography: Todor Krastev)

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