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Don’t be fooled by Bill Murray

The actor, and star of Ghostbusters, is an endless prankster

Just like Gay Talese in “Fame and Obscurity,” who wrote a profile on Frank Sinatra without ever having spoken to him, the director, Tommy Avallone, produced his documentary about his nonexistent interview with Bill Murray. By way of fun stories, narrated by others who did spend time with the actor, the film goes on to bring life to home-video moments provided by these characters.

Driven by spontaneity, it’s funny to watch the actor ring a random person’s doorbell and invite himself into a party to which he was not invited, practically turning into the host.

Passages like these are also told in “The Tao of Bill Murray,” written by Gavin Edwards, who also appears in the video. The author brings out Murray’s peculiar characteristic of suddenly approaching people to share one-of-a-kind experiences.

Despite his unpretentious and comic nature, don’t be fooled. The Bill Murray Stories speak of something serious: creating authentic connections, even if only for a new moments. That’s why it seems to be that film was hand-picked by SXSW.

In the midst of discussions about data storytelling, Murray, and his one-on-one encounters, do a great job putting a spotlight on life beyond data.

*This article was originally published in Meio & Mensagem on March 13, 2018

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