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Tutorials: How to make your brand more relevant

When we talk about content marketing, one of the key references is Youtility.

When we talk about content marketing, one of the key references is Youtility. The book by Jay Baer, published in 2013, is very relevant today when discussing about how brand should relate to consumers through their name. The mantra “smart marketing is about help not hype” is meant to elicit more modern communication.

Along with the multitude of tutorials online, there is also a surge of opportunities for brands to play a role in helping consumers solve a problem they may be facing, be it with a recipe or a small do-it-yourself home repair. There are plenty of problems to solve for.

Companies in diverse segments use this strategy to build connections with their audience. Um example is Axalta, a leading producer of paints and coatings for the automotive, transportation, industry and home finishings markets. Through Facebook and Instagram, the company established a productive and educational dialogue with automotive paint professionals.

Materials, techniques and products are always presented with the intent of sharing something interesting, resulting in a learning experience.

Another example is LinkedIn. By use of explanatory videos, users can learn how to take full advantage of the platform. For example, if you are in the communications and marketing profession, certainly you’ll find interest in sponsored content, as the video below explains.

To be heard among the fierce competition for attention, you must be relevant enough to make your audience want to spare a few moments (maybe even just a few seconds) on your brand. Therefore, finding a specific need to solve is an excellent way to develop your relationship.

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