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Audiences in the leading role

Despite much debate over managing brands, there are many reasons why many companies haven’t yet completed adopted a dynamic exchange with their clients or consumers.

Although conversation is now commonplace and opinions about brand value have begun to be constructed collectively, where the audience is not only responding to incentives and messaging, but actually participating – and sometimes even playing the protagonist role – in the relationship.

Advertising campaigns and communications programs where the central character is the customer create powerful brand narratives, specifically because they both showcase stories about third parties that also tell their own stories.

An example of this is how Mercado Livre presents a series of videos called “Based on Real Facts” on their Youtube channel where light-hearted stories about their customers illustrate how much the brand is a part of their daily lives.

DuPont, which detains Kevlar, the main material used to make bullet-proof vests, also explored this path. With the insurmountable challenge of establishing a dialogue with the police force, the company launched the Heroes of Fiber project, sharing stories of courage, determination and solidarity experienced by their audience.

The initiative positioned the company not only as a producer of a high-quality products, but also as a brand driven by recognizing the users of its products, whose stories also trace the very journey of the brand itself.

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