Do you have the feeling that everything is a little different?

In recent years, there have been so many changes that the challenge is in noticing our own transformations.

The world has changed, the world has changed, the world has changed, we’ve heard that for a long time, haven’t we? But now it seems like all age groups are feeling their convictions tremble. In the context of too much information, one of the biggest challenges is listening to ourselves. There are so many studies, data, and content that we can get lost in what is happening outside and not looking within ourselves.

In recent years, despite profound changes on a global scale, ranging from the pandemic to artificial intelligence, Talquimy has managed to reflect on this context, recognizing its sgenuine vocation: we are an agency dedicated to communications for companies that are in transformation.

Regardless of the business segment, we have reaffirmed impactful results for companies that are changing parts in their trajectory, as has been the case with many brands we’ve worked with, including Allergan, Axalta, AB Brasil, ABB, Getinge, Corteva, Porsche, Mercado Livre, Dow DuPont and NGO’s, like Instituto Ipê, Clua among others, just to mention a few examples that illustrate this diversity. Each brand brings the need to find its right question and an original answer for its communications, after all, every transformation is unique.

Starting from this point, the first step is always to understand the transformation. Whether it is when a company is going to operate in a new category, when it is restructuring or needs to change its positioning, its philosophy or its culture. When brands need to evolve as an organization, there it is: transformation.

And we, at Talquimy, are living ours.

Transformation at Talquimy

Through this experience with transformations, we realize that this is our moment. And it’s not about changing the logo or colors (something we will also do), the point is at the roots, at the foundations. Talquimy has been reflecting on this change for some time to keep us in tune with the new context of communications for brands.

The objective is to have an effective gain for clients that are already with us on the journey and identify brands that share the same vision, understanding that faced with these profound and multiple changes, organizations need communications connected to them.

We are grateful to all the people who brought us here and those who will take us to our next destination. Like every trip, we will have milestones and share our steps of evolution, with their successes and challenges.

As communication specialists for brands undergoing transformation, we know that sharing our steps helps to establish them and, above all, attract those facing similar challenges.

This gives us the hook for our call to action: If you and your organization are in a transformation process, share your challenge with us. We will certainly help by formulating the right question and developing an original answer so that your communications consolidate your progress and acts as a sensor for the upcoming changes that are on the way, believe me, it is happening faster than we imagine.

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