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It’s no secret: Communications works with the exchange of good stories

It’s no secret: Communications is effective with the exchange of good stories. We all know that a good plot makes for an attractive story, complete with its share of fun. The question is how to instill that kind of levity into corporate communications, which are naturally more somber, like those of the administrative or B2B market, like government or consular offices?

Those kinds of organizations don’t play around – afterall, their purpose is to resolve or clarify, but certainly not to have fun, right? Actually, it is, in part, fact that audiences for the segments in which these organizations exist, expect direct, factual information. Nevertheless, with a touch of creativity and boldness, it is possible to create an experience that generates some appeal. Yes! Thank goodness for appeal.

That is what happened on the social media pages of the city of Curitiba, where aside from a service offering, it’s also possible to see stories and news about the city in more dynamic way.

Prefeitura de Curitiba

The Consulate General of Germany in São Paulo did something similar in 2016, leveraging the celebrations of country’s reunification to promote it as a choice destination for Brazilian travelers. To break through the barriers of the unfamiliar and showcase Germany to “Paulista’s,” the consulate developed the campaign, @Breakingthewall #Likeagerman.

Using a tone of levity in its communication, little by little, or rather, post by post, the impressions that Germany isn’t so great in the winter or that the people are somewhat cold-natured, and speak a complicated language, started to subside. All its content generally tells a true story about how Brazilians have experienced the German culture in different and interesting ways.

Eventually another barrier was broken: that the consulate can address citizen laws, but it can also talk about music, beer and pretzels.

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