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Smart Kevlar

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Smart Kevlar Case


Promote DuPont's innovation using a new communications model that benefits its clients within the security industry.


Represent the client network, as a whole, through an audiovisual series that demonstrates the value of their most important job: tactical operations.


Develop a communications platform to reinforce that DuPont, as a visionary brand, understands that innovation today is collective process.


Partnerships were strengthened through the combination of business results and generating brand value.

Smart Kevlar
A DuPont Series

A team of special agents, 8 operations, and 3 countries with only one mission: Recovering a Blackbox with the help of Smart Kevlar, an intelligence network that identifies and shares the best solutions in security.

The series reinforces the idea that innovation goes beyond the development of new products and technology, placing value on the fact that they are enhanced by new dialogues between the company and its stakeholders. Smart Kevlar's value is solidified by way of a platform that, in addition to working with clients on external industry announcements, underscores an emerging environment for the exchange of knowledge and strengthening relationships from which new solutions may arise in the form of products o processes.

Smart Kevlar Connected Intelligence
Kevlar case

More about Execution

In addition to strategic consulting and developing the narrative, the project execution consisted of multiple initiatives:

- Audiovisual production from concept to execution, includinof simulated tactical operations.
- Activation included an information toolkit consistent with the film's story.

Kevlar vídeo

Filming Behind the Scenes

Kevlar vídeo

Filming Behind the Scenes

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